Event Site Requirements

Labor Day Weekend

Approximately 15 acres needed for site; this includes
*8 40×40 list fields plus 2 40×40 rapier and YAC fields
*camping for up to 1000
*20-30 merchants
*equestrian arena, horse accommodations, horse trailer parking
*30 or more RVs
*Parking for 600-750 cars
*Driving, archery, and alcohol permitted on site (not all at once)

General Site Requirements:
*Site should be flat and accessible as possible with driving on site permitted
*List field space MUST be flat and free of holes, ruts or other tripping hazards
*Optimal site would allow for all activities to be in one large space as opposed to being divided by barriers, natural or man-made
*Cell phone service or land line on site is strongly recommended
*Water and flush toilets on site are desirable
*Natural shade onsite is desirable
*Equestrian Insurance is required as the Championship is held at this event

Required Activities: Crown Tournament, Equestrian Championship, Kingdom Protector Tournament (Archery)

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Past Attendance

2011 = 1298 Glymm Mere

2012 = 1140 Dragon’s Laire

2013 = 1054 Fire Mountain keep

2014 = 862 Lions Gate

2015 = 820 Glymm Mere

2016 = 819 Hauksgardr

2017 = 690 Lions Gate

2018 = 997 Dragons Laire

2019 = 708 Lions Gate