Volunteer Positions


Gate staff will welcome event participants into the event and help them orient themselves within the virtual space.

These individuals will also distribute the virtual site token and explain how to use it.

Newcomer’s Corner

Newcomer’s Corner is a safe and inviting place for newcomers to ask questions and learn more about the SCA and An Tir!

Volunteers will greet newcomers, share resources, answer questions, and encourage participation.

Heralds’ Point

Volunteers at Herald’s Point should be well-versed in research Heraldry and prepared to help individuals with such things as questions about the Heraldry registration process, submission forms, resources for name research, and be willing to consult with anyone who needs it.

Salon Host

Salons are one to two hour rooms for discussion of a variety of subjects from costuming to culinary to cultures and time periods.

Salon hosts will lead discussions and encourage participation. You do not need to be an “expert” in the subject or an authority, but you should be knowledgable.

Hosts will be made Zoom co-hosts and manage sharing files, screens, and chats.

Zoom Switchboard

Salons and Herald’s Point will be unique meetings with breakout rooms.

Experienced Zoom moderators needed with intermediate experience managing meetings with waiting rooms and breakout rooms. Volunteers will greet people, send them to requested breakout room, send notices for end of sessions, and ensure breakout rooms have hosts. Deal with Zoom bombers and engage technical team with Zoom and participant issues.

Volunteers are asked to take 3-4 hour time slots.

Volunteer Form

Volunteering for Ethereal 12th Night 2021

There are many ways we could use your help for this event. It truly is a Kingdom-wide effort. Please consider the list below and give of your time where you can.
How can you help? (check as many as apply)
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