Join us for 12th Night Show and Tell

One of our favorite 12th Night pastimes is seeing folks in the halls or in court and asking them to tell us about the amazing things they are wearing or the projects they are working on.

This year, we will have show and tell time ONLINE at Ethereal 12th Night!

All are welcome to share their recent projects, both completed and in process.

We are anticipating hosting 3 main categories:

(1) Wearable A&S (clothing, accessories, cosmetics, armor, etc)
(2) Useful Items (boxes, shield, trim, etc.)
(3) Adaptations for your virtual SCA space (zoom backdrops, headphone covers, T-tunic snuggy, etc)

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Show and Tell at Ethereal 12th Night 2021

There are many ways we could use your help for this event. It truly is a Kingdom-wide effort. Please consider the list below and give of your time where you can.
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