The following events are Kingdom level events and are the keystones to our annual event calendar.

The Kingdom Calendar Deputy is responsible for making sure the Kingdom has bids for these events well in advance.

Kingdom events are listed on the Kingdom Calendar as being hosted by the Kingdom of An Tir although the Branch or Branches who do the work of organizing and putting on these events, share the profits with the Kingdom.

To learn more about this year’s event and/or how to host that event in the future, please click on an event below.


Twelfth Night

Held in January every year, this event is the first Kingdom event of the calendar year.

The main purpose of the event is the coronation of our heirs chosen at the most recent September Crown Tournament.

Arts & Sciences & Rapier Championships

The Kingdom Arts & Sciences Officer is in charge of overseeing this event, held in March every year. Artists and craftspeople from all over the Kingdom display and/or compete for the Arts & Sciences Championship.

The Queen’s Rapier Tournament is also held at this event. It is the largest rapier tournament in the Kingdom. The winner of the tournament becomes the Queen’s Rapier Champion.