The following events are Kingdom level events and are the keystones to our annual event calendar.

The Kingdom Events office solicits and supports event bids for these events, ideally 12-18 months in advance.

Kingdom events are are hosted by the Kingdom of An Tir, however, we solicit bids from branches throughout the Kingdom to plan and produce these events.

Why? Branches have the resources and local venue connections needed to run a Kingdom event, and in turn can share the event profits with the Kingdom. Also, moving these events around the Kingdom helps balance the amount of driving required to attend these events, and enables each branch to show the rest of the Kingdom the hospitality and beauty of their location.


Twelfth Night

When: the weekend closest to January 12

What: this coronation event is the first Kingdom event of the calendar year.

May Crown

When: the third weekend in May

What: the first Crown Tournament of the year is held at this event.

September Crown

When: held Labor Day weekend

What: the second Crown Tournament of the year is held at this event, plus the Kingdom Protector (archery) tourney, and the Kingdom Equestrian championship event.

Kingdom Arts, Sciences & Rapier Championships

When: the first weekend in March

What: showcases both the Kingdom Arts and Sciences championship and the Queen’s Rapier Championship.

July Coronation

When: the third weekend in July

What: this event hosts the mid-year coronation of the victors of May Crown; also, the Kingdom Champion tourney.


When: generally the second weekend in November

What: An Tir’s premier educational event, hosting multiple arts, sciences, and administrative class tracks